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Dramatically Improve Automated Followup User Interface to make followup creation easier to manage

The automated followup screen is one extremely long list of calls, emails, texts, status triggers, and more.

When you want to create a new trigger or chain of follow-ups based on an event, it is a HUGE pain.

You have to keep scrolling down the giant list of triggers to find the trigger you want to improve, read the triggers you currently have, then create the new trigger event.

A few simple drop-down filters at the top of the list would make life SOOO much easier.

The user could view just calls, just emails, or just texts.  The user could see just the events tied to a specific trigger. It would make the list less overwhelming and easier to manage.

Once the new trigger is saved, when the user returns to the automated followup screen, they should see the most recent filters still selected by default so the user can keep working on that trigger chain.

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  • Aug 10 2018
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