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Improved Manager Override functionality

When a salesperson is inputting a customer and it requires a manager override, allow the salesperson to submit the request to a manager that the manager could look at the information for potential matches before giving the authorization from their desk.  Also, if the authorization is to be given on the salesperson's computer, give the ability to view notes and info of potential matches before allowing a new prospect to be entered.  If it is a match to existing database, give the ability to change salesperson 1 and/ or salesperson 2 to give salesperson access to record.


Currently if there is a name match, it requires a manager to walk to desk for override.  If there is a potential match in list of names, the manager then has to go back to their own desk to view the potential matches or to add salesperson to profile.  If there wasn't a match, they then have to go back to salesperson's desk to give override.

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  • Jun 27 2018
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