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Allow logins from ANY browser, not just Internet Explorer.

Being able to login from Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc would be really helpful!

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  • Jun 22 2018
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    8 Jul, 2018 12:16am

    Hi Darian, thanks for the info, but what we are asking for is the ability to access the FULL Promax system, not Promax Mobile.

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    Guest commented
    3 Jul, 2018 06:01pm

    There are currently three options here:  

    1. Use with any browser on any device.  This is a limited feature set of ProMax available on any platform.
    2. We offer a stand alone ProMax Launcher Utility which you can obtain from Tech Support which will allow you to logon to ProMax without a browser.  It's basically a small executable you can place on your desktop to logon.
    3. There are add-ons for Chrome to launch Active/X controls. This is an unsupported option, but was known to work in the past for some users.