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Dedupe existing customer data base

automatically scan our existing data base and identify all possible duplicate entries. Once identified we can then select the records that are matched and merge them into one record

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  • May 22 2018
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    Guest commented
    20 Mar, 2019 06:39pm

    The new Duplicates Button and New Customer Screen definitely help, but my database is huge with lots of duplicates.

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    Guest commented
    20 Mar, 2019 06:38pm

    I agree - we need to be able to view all the possibilities at once.  So if we could find name or address or phone or email that all match each category, instead of sorting on Name AND phone AND email all having to match, because they don't!  I wind up having to go and look in other categories - Because James bought 5 years ago but is now in as a new lead under Jim - but the email matches the past instance of him, or the address, or the phone number.  We need to be able to be fed ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES so we can select which ones go with this instance and merge them together.  Thank you!

  • Admin
    Jeff Curry commented
    20 Mar, 2019 04:41pm

    We are considering how to implement this request.

    In 2018, we focused on reducing the number of duplicate records being created in your ProMax system.  We have seen duplicate record reduction due to the new Customer Entry screen.  Similar to Customer Entry, we've added a "Check for Duplicates" button in the upper right of the Customer Workscreen.  If you suspect there may be a duplicate record in your system, you can can perform and quick search with this feature; quickly merging any duplicate records found.

    Our next planned step is to add a report that will automatically search for duplicate records by log date.  Any potential duplicate records could be compared and merged.