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Send text notifications to salespeople from ONE number

We frequently receive texts from customers through ProMax, and ProMax texts us a notification to our phones that a customer text was received.  The problem is that it does so from about 40 different numbers, which results in the first page and half of conversations in my phone's text app being from ProMax.  If you could only send texts to an individual salesperson from a single number rather than a random different one every time, it would make these much more manageable. 

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  • Mar 16 2019
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    Jeff Curry commented
    March 20, 2019 16:24

    Due to the volume of notifications, we are unable to use a single number.  A pool of numbers is currently used to avoid being blocked by cellular carriers.

    However, we do consider this request "Planned".  We are currently developing push notifications inside our ProMax app.  You'll be able to receive native push notifications in lieu of text messages in the near future.