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completing tasks

Programming request: In Daily work plan - there are scenarios that will occur when a phone call is generated but a Text or email sent would be sufficient. Dealership would like the ability to have a setting that will allow any contact in an outbound call screen to complete the task in the work plan. So if the reason was selected in DWP - the Send Text was opened and sent out - they could then click save in the Outbound call editor that will not log a call, but rather complete the task in the daily work plan so users do not have to manipulate and log calls not made to complete their work plan.

They don't want to give users the ability to mark things done because nothing was done and that leads into other things.


POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: A setting in BDC settings that will mark any task done in an outbound call edit screen done in daily work plan.

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  • Mar 8 2019
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