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Automated Text to Confirm Reception of Internet Leads

It would be amazing if we could turn on automated texts to customers who have provided their cell phone numbers as a form of contact when submitting an internet lead. Companies such as and Zillow have this functionality (not sure what CRM they use) and its a great way to make immediate contact with the customer, and to confirm with the customer that the dealership received their request, and to also get a preferred time frame to be contacted from the customer.

As every BDC knows, the more time that passes without contacting a customer, the less likely it is that you will get them in the door. This would increase appts. simply by having an automated text that says something like "Amato Auto has received your request. What is the best day and time for a phone call to answer any questions you may have?" or "Amato Auto has received your request. Are you available for a phone call within the next 10 minutes?"

I've been told that the reason Promax does not have this capability is because of compliance issues, but I do not see how this would break any compliance if the customer is already agreeing to contact terms when submitting a lead and providing a cell phone number. As the Digital Sales Manager here, I already send out text messages to all leads that come in during business hours confirming we received it and letting them know that x salesperson will give them a call at their desired time, how is this different than sending an automated text? If the customer does not want to receive the text, then they can simply reply STOP. Our website, and other dealership websites, specifically have a disclaimer with every lead submitted on the form that says 'By submitting your contact information, you consent to be contacted by telephone about purchasing a vehicle or obtaining vehicle financing. Clicking on the Submit button above is your electronic signature.'


There really should be no reason as to why this functionality does not already exist in Promax. The majority of our customers prefer text messaging as a form of contact, so why not take advantage of this fact?

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  • Feb 7 2019
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