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It would be nice to compile customer lists by category

You know how you can check inventory by clicking on the header for price, make, model, year, mileage, etc.

I would like to go to my owner base and sort/compile by name, date of purchase, type of vehicle they bought, lenght of finance term, trade equity or not. Maybe even showing credit score too would be helpful

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  • Jun 9 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Jun 21, 2018

    Admin Response

    This is mostly covered by options within the Filter/Sort screen on the Ownerbase.  You can Filter on vehicle Make/Model/Style, filter on Equity over/under or between values, Sort on name, vehicle info.

    You also have the ability to create a specific filter/sort and save it for future re-use.

    Also you can export the data on this report and slice it and dice anyway you want in Excel.

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