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Add Motorcycle/ATV/Scooter/RV Makes and Models to Database

We need to have the ability to add Makes/Models/Styles of Motorcycles/ATV/Scooters/RV's to Promax.  We are a New Powersports dealer as well as an Independent Used car dealer.  Motorcyles, ATV etc dealers do not have a powerful DMS,desking, CRM or all-in-one solution at the moment.  We sell between 60 and 100 Used vehicles a month, but we cannot use Promax to desk the additional 25 to 30 New Powersports we do per month.  It is the exact same concept as desking a used or new vehicle.  


Currently Promax makes you add the Powersport as a Make: Other   Model "Make"  Style: ATV/Scooter/Motorcyle.    This does not work for us because that same data gets sent off to our Promax website and does not properly differentiate betweeen the correct models of the Powersport.   Also when utilizing the Vehicle inventory search, it does not enable my sales managers to find the correct unit.  


There are a lot of motorcycle, ATV, Powersports dealers out there who do not even realize how badly they need something like Promax, but there is no feasible way that they can justify spending the dollars on a program that treats them as "second-class citizens".


Make the change to allow the proper identification of Motorsports, Powersports, and Recreational Vehicles and watch your consumer base grow.


Please VOTE for this idea.   What can it hurt?  It can only help those who need it most!

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  • Nov 6 2018
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