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Managers Mobile APP Merged

full report functionality as well as the ability to control call manager and toggle between stores in group environments.  Full Desking capabilities, as well as live Managers Dashboard functions.  ALL THIS IN A REAL MOBILE APP .... not a mobile site aka version

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  • Jun 1 2018
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    14 Jun, 2018 08:53pm

    The Manager Mobile App (for phone) would be nice but from a standpoint of a dashboard that would show numbers and detail could be drilled down on.  Visitors, phone ups, internet leads, appointments, service appointments, appraisals, delivered.  It should default to todays date with ability to change date range.  Clicking on the number of visitors would give the list of visitors such as a slimmed down version of the desk log.  Then each name could be clicked on to see the detail of the customer.  It would have to be a tablet size for the full reports, desking, etc.

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    4 Jun, 2018 03:11pm

    Not sure full reporting will ever be done in the sense of very detailed reports with dozens of columns being visible on a small screen would not be practical.  There's a similar problem with full desking on a small screen - as a full F&I workscreen would be difficult to manage.  However, we are certainly considering ways to provide similar functionality in a usable way within an app that would be usable on small screen devices.