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Improved Merging / Lead Attribution and Reporting

I know that attribution is a buzz word. But what if - you provided for example, 3 or 5 LEAD SOURCE slots, that if the lead is merged, it pushes the current lead source into the next slot (For example: If within a 30, 60 or 90 day time frame, from initial import)

Ideally: You would list (for example): 
Contact Lead Source (how did the customer contact the store?)
Internet Lead Source 1 (make Internet sources non-editable... it imports and it is what it is)

Internet Lead Source 2

Internet Lead Source 3

Internet Lead Source 4

Internet Lead Source 5


Then develop reporting to associate with this. Cross calculate Lead attribution - you could show lead source travel (1,2,3,4,5) - and overall what sources as a percentage people are using across multiple lead sources. 

This is NO CRM that is tracking lead travel/attribution effectively at the moment. It's all single point, from a CRM perspective. Which does not help tell dealers where they should market,

This is needed.

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  • May 23 2018
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