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Salesman: VIEW ONLY my Customers Setting in User Setup

In the user settings, it is possible to View all of the dealer group leads or just my dealer's leads.

It is possible to ACCESS only My Leads, or My Team's leads.

However, it is not currently possible to setup Promax users/salespeople so they can only VIEW the leads assigned to them by default.  

It would be so helpful for salespeople to only see their customers (and unassigned customers) when they look at the active log, the internet log, the inactive log, etc. 

I do not want to make it so they cannot access other leads assigned to other salespeople (or old leads that still have another salesperson's name attached.  If a customer calls in, they should be able to do a recall and look at the notes of that customer.  We can decide in other settings if the sales rep has the ability to change the assigned salesperson or not.  The sales rep should still be able to perform filter/sort and see other salespeople on the search if those options are selected.

I would use the "view only my leads" setting, but not being able to access other customers makes that prohibitive.

View Only My Leads (which should still allow viewing of unassigned, and still granting access to recall and look at specific customers)

View Only My Team's Leads

These two suggested options are very similar to the current Access Only options but would be infinitely more helpful. This should be an easy setting to install, but what do I know? :)

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  • Sep 19 2018
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