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ProMax Issue Alerts

If ProMax has a major issue where it effects how the program operates and it's a known issue.  An email to the users would be helpful so that we alerted to what the issue is, when it will be corrected or if it has and if there are known fixes, the fixes are included.  As an example, the issue from 8/31/18, that took many of our stores down.  Had we known about the issue and the fix, we would not have had to fix it in the last few hours of the last day of the month. It would have been resolved mid-day.

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  • Sep 4 2018
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    6 Sep, 2018 02:51pm

    Adding to the Log in Page does not help if users are using the launcher to open ProMax. Plus, if we are working, I am not on Facebook, Twitter or checking your blog. We check email constantly.

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    6 Sep, 2018 02:39pm

    Good point.  We try to post critical updates to Facebook, Twitter and on the Dev Blog.  We failed to do that on 8/31.  If it's a logon issue, we typically add a note to the logon screen explaining the issue.  We'll ensure to be more diligent doing these updates in the future.