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Promax Desktop Application Compatible with browser other then IE

Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and is becoming outdated. For future security and convenience Support for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge would be welcomed.

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  • Sep 4 2018
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    Guest commented
    29 May 04:30pm

    You don't need to login through IE if you download the full version through

    Login to
    Click the gear icon in the upper right
    Click "Download Full Version"
    Open the file that downloads
    Copy "ProMaxOnlineLauncher.exe" to your desktop.
    Use the ProMaxOnlineLauncher to login.

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    Guest commented
    11 Oct, 2018 09:12pm

    Darian, thank you for the response. The desktop option still runs a lot smoother for our dealership then the mobile version. The time out is one of the issues, the workplan sometimes locks up with click to call, and the lack of reports.

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    Guest commented
    11 Oct, 2018 05:29pm

    The problem I have with using Mobile is that it only stays active for 15 minutes before closing. Very frustrating when trying to compose a customer complaint email. Any options to extend the open time on Mobile, like Unlimited was done?

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    Guest commented
    11 Oct, 2018 03:57pm

    The current solution is to use the ProMax Mobile browser based version which has most of the functionality for a SalesRep and some management reports.  We plan on extending the browser based version over time.

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    Guest commented
    11 Sep, 2018 07:10pm

    I open as many Promax Mobile tabs as I want on any browser and keep Unlimited open on the main :)